See How Netizens Are Reacting To Ghatkesar B Pharma Student's Suicide

 - Sakshi Post

The 19 year old B.Pharmacy student who cooked up a false story in order to escape from house committed suicide today. She took an overdose of sleeping pills on Tuesday night and breathed her last while undergoing treatment in a government hospital at 10 am today. 

Now, the news of the girl committed suicide is going viral on all social media handles. Uma Sudhir tweeted as, "Frightening development being reported in case of pharmacy student who allegedly enacted kidnap-sexual assault drama that was exposed by  police: girl said to have died by suicide worried about likely fallout of her claims being disproved". One of the user reacted to this tweet and said that, "This is wrong in so many ways but the question that needs to be asked is whether any psychiatrist was consulted after her lies were caught.  Sometimes appropriate counseling can prevent such tragic outcomes."

Another user wrote, "Oh no... the way the entire episode has been dealt with was horrible."

See how netizes are reacting to Ghatkesar B Pharma student's suicide case.

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