Gay Couple Ties The Knot In Hyderabad

 - Sakshi Post

A gay couple made their relationship official and their wedding took place on December 18. The couple called themselves soulmates and the wedding was attended by more than 60 people. The wedding took place at a private resort on the outskirts of Hyderabad. They wore designer white suits and it was a white-themed wedding.

Supriyo Chakraborthy and Abhay Dange met through a dating app called Planet Romeo, eight years ago and finally, in 2021, they have decided to take their relationship to next level.  Supriyo, a Bengali, is a hospitality professional in Hyderabad, Abhay, a Punjabi, is an IT professional who works for an e-commerce firm. The wedding ceremony was officiated by Sophia David, a friend from Hyderabad, also from the LGBTQ community. Speaking to a news portal, Sophia said that, "I was incredibly nervous because it’s not like I was handling a work client, but I was doing it for two very dear friends and so the stakes are a lot higher. The best part was Abhay and Supriyo gave me all the autonomy I needed to curate the entire ceremony and the events that followed."

She further stated that "All of us were emotional, the grooms were emotional, and our guests were teary and moved by the whole event. It was a solid outpour of love, support, and emotion – precisely what weddings should be. Besides, I knew this would make a solid dent in conversation around queer rights in India and marriage equality, so that fuelled our passion and commitment because representation is critical now."

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