Gandhi Hospital Staffer Who Was Falsely Accused Of Gangrape Went Through Mental Trauma

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Hyderabad city police on Thursday revealed that the report about gangrape of a woman at Gandhi hospital is false. The staffer, Uma Maheswara Rao, a lab technician who was arrested in the gangrape case of two sisters was released as the case was found to be false after investigation.

A couple of days ago, a 45-year old man was admitted to the hospital as he was suffering from liver and kidney related problems. The wife of the man and her sister accompanied him. One of the sisters raised a complaint with the police stating that the lab technician confined her in a room for four days and allegedly raped her, while the other sister went missing. However, she was later traced.. 

Police investigated all the possible angles and also detained four persons. It emerged in the medical reports that no rape had been taken place on the woman and both the sisters were having alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

Now, one staffer, Uma Maheshwara Rao, who was arrested has been released. He said that on August 16th afternoon, he got a call from Chilkalaguda Police Station. He went immediately to the police station and one of the victims said that she was raped by Uma Maheshwar Rao. Listening to the statements of the victim, he was shocked.

Uma Maheswara Rao said that police interrogated him for two hours and he repeatedly told them that he didn't do anything. He also added that after a couple of hours, a police officer asked him to be strong and that he would not be punished until proven guilty. He said that he had gone through a lot of mental trauma listening to the word rapist. He said that he helped them as they were distant relatives to him, but they filed a case against him.

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