Friends Turned Foes: Harish Rao And Etela Rajender

 - Sakshi Post

BJP leader Etela Rajender and TRS Minister Harish Rao used to share a good rapport earlier and but now they are friends turned foes. Etela Rajender criticised Harish Rao and said that he is just a pawn in the hands of his uncle, Telangana CM KCR. He said that Harish Rao was nothing but a rubber stamp Finance Minister.

Etela Rajender also said that Harish Rao's political career will be stopped if he simply follows his uncle. Etela reacted to Harish Rao who commented that why should people vote for Etela who did zero development in Huzurabad. Earlier, Harish Rao also commented that double bedroom houses were not built during Etela Rajender's tenure as Minister. Etela challenged Harish Rao for a debate on the development works in Huzurabad. Etela Rajender said that Harish Rao is using the roads that have been laid during his tenure.

Etela lashed out at Harish Rao stating that the latter is trying to buy his own party's MPP, MPTCs, and other leaders. He also made sensational comments about Harish Rao getting a minister post. Etela said that because of him, Harish Rao was given minister post for the second time. He also stated that Harish Rao who has got the name of troubleshooter will definitely fall in KCR's trap one day. Etela expressed hope that he is going to win in the upcoming Huzurabad bypolls. 

Etela Rajender was stripped of his portfolio after he faced land-grabbing allegations. It has been alleged that 100 acres of land belonging to the backward classes, scheduled castes, and scheduled tribes were occupied illegally by Etela and his family members. However, Etela demanded a probe into the matter by the sitting judge. The opposition leaders said that Etela's removal from the cabinet was the strategic move by KCR to neutralize the rise of Etela Rajender in the party.

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