Farmers Who Register On Dharani Eligible for Rythu Bandhu: Telangana Govt

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During the monsoon season, the effort to distribute Rythu Bandhu is in full swing. The final beneficiary list is being finalised by the CCLA-NIC (National Informatics Center). On the basis of 'Dharani' portal, the number of agrarian beneficiaries is being finalised. All the farmers who have registered in  Dharani will be considered beneficiaries of the Rythu Bandhu scheme this monsoon. 

Beneficiaries are determined after accounting for changes and additions to land sales and ownership rights transfers since the previous Yasangi season. With this, the number of farmers receiving monsoon bonds is expected to rise to 59.54 lakh.

Across the state, there are 61,34,266 land graduates in that 46, 67, 749 farmers pattadar passbook, bank accounts, and Aadhaar numbers are correct and the rest 11,75,225 farmers pattadar passbooks are valid. But due to the recent merger of banks, the IFSC code numbers have been changed. Farmers' bank accounts are being seeded with changed IFSC numbers. The process will be completed in one or two days. 

Meanwhile, after the completion of Rythu Bandhu distribution during the last Yasangi season, the state government received 1,11,317 applications. Following CM KCR's suggestion that lands converted from Part-B to A be considered, 23,000 applications were received.

Earlier, KCR has directed that the Rythu Bandhu amount of Rs 5,000 per acre be deposited in the farmers' accounts from June 15 to 25, for this Kharif crop season. 

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