Etela Sensational Comments On Being Enslaved In TRS

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Former Telangana minister Etela Rajender asserted that the activists who took part fiercely during the Telangana agitation have now become silent. He further added that he escaped being a slave in the Pragathi Bhavan. He said that most of the ministers are working as slaves under the leadership of Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao.

Before starting 'Praja Devena' yatra in Marrivanipalli of Ellanthakunta Mandal of Karimnagar district, he commented that the people of Huzurabad would teach a lesson to KCR. Speaking at a press conference, he further added that it is a fight between the Telangana people and CM KCR's arrogance. He criticised that CM KCR would implement new schemes only during the time of elections and byelections and tries to woo the voters. 

He criticised that those who have worked hard during the Telangana movement have been thrown away and those who didn't do anything for the state are in the Pragati Bhavan. Many times, Etela called Pragathi Bhavan the home of slaves wherein many ministers in the KCR cabinet are treated as slaves. Etela alleged that KCR doesn't want anyone to stay on this land if they turned against him. He further added that 100 percent of people were not given double bedrooms and stated that KCR denied allotting funds for the Huzurabad constituency despite repeated requests. 

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