Dubai Woman Stitches Gold Beads Worth Lakhs into Burqa, Held At Hyderabad Airport

 - Sakshi Post

We have seen many stories where in travellers coming from Dubai will hide gold either in their bags or some will conceal it inside their body parts. Those who are bringing gold in an illegal manner will be caught by the customs officials. A few days ago, some of the passengers coming from Dubai were found to have gold bars and gold in paste form concealed inside their rectum.

Now, the latest news is that gold worth about Rs 18 lakh and weighing 350 grams was seized from a passenger on February 26. The incident took place at Shamshabad International Airport in Hyderabad. The gold beads coated with rhodium were stitched on burqas and the seized gold is said to weigh 350 grams.  A case has been filed against the woman and the further investigation was in progress.

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