Dry Season Allowance To MGNREGS Workers In Summer

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Due to high levels of temperature during the summer months, the fatigue levels of the wage seekers would be high. It would result in a drop in the work turnout and a proportionate drop in the wage. Taking the rise in temperature levels affecting the work turnout during the dry season the Telangana State government has decided to pay ‘dry season allowance’ on the wages of unskilled workers engaged under MGNREGS.

The order was issued on Saturday by State Rural Development Secretary, Sandeep Kumar Sultania. Copies of these instructions can be found at http://www.rd.telangana.gov.in. The allowance will be payable at the rate of 20 per cent for February, 25 per cent for March and 30 per cent for April and May and 20 per cent for June. The dry season allowance was proposed for protecting the wage rate assured under the MNREGS Act.

The State Government has sanctioned an additional amount of Rs.139.59 crore for expenditure under the NREGS in the State during the financial year 2020–21. Sandeep Kumar has issued administrative sanction for additional funds as a continuation of the budget release orders already issued.

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