Drugs To Treat Black Fungus Can Be Applied Online in Telangana

 - Sakshi Post

Despite COVID-19 in the state, Black Fungus cases are also rising day by day. People infected with COVID are afraid to get admitted into hospitals because of a black fungus. Black Fungus infects the recovered COVID patients solely as a result of the steroids, which lower the body's immunity to fight germs and sickness.

Patients and their relatives must apply online to the special committee headed by the Director of Medical Education (DME) Dr K Ramesh Reddy to obtain drugs for the treatment of mucormycosis. Individuals who require Amphotericin B, Posaconazole, or Isavuconazole, all of which are used to treat fungal infections, should contact (ent-mcrm@telangana.gov.in)

The committee, which includes DME, Superintendent of ENT Hospital, and Head of ENT, Gandhi Medical College and Hospital, will review the applications. The committee's recommendation will be sent to the approved applicant via email or SMS, and he or she will then need to go to a stockist to purchase the medicine.

On its part, the State Drug Control Administration (DCA) has already issued directives to all drug manufacturers and distributors to send their products to stockists, from whom they will be sold.

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