Don’t Tarnish My Image Just Because I was There: Short Film Actress on Pub Raids Coverage

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A day after the police raid on a rave party at Pudding and Mink pub of a luxury hotel in Hyderabad, a student died on Monday possibly due to the consumption of banned drugs at the late night party. The deceased appeared to have taken drugs at the Mink pub, the police said. 

Among the 150 people including the pub owner arrested for late night partying with banned drugs at a Banjara Hills hotel, identities of kids of several high profile politicians have been revealed. The police have sent notices to the families of detained party goers. 

After Pudding and Mink pub grabbing the media attention for a drugs party, Kallapu Kushita, an actress who is known for doing short films, said she went to the pub with her friends and by the time they were about to leave the premises, the police posse barged into the hotel. We cooperated with the police, she said. The short film actress claimed some people in the media are spreading misinformation about her. “I didn’t take any drugs,” she said while requesting the media to show some restraint while covering the issue. 

The actress said the media persons should be careful while reporting these issues as any kind of misinformation will have a devastating effect on their families. Kushita said it was not her fault to hang out with friends at the pub and she had no idea about the drug party in the premises.

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