DGP Must Attend Hearing Of Teenmaar Mallanna Case, Demands BC Leader

 - Sakshi Post

CCS Police have conducted raids on the office of the Q News YouTube channel for the third time on Monday. Teenmaar Mallanna, the owner of the Q News channel was arrested. According to the reports, police have seized 10 computers, 15 hard disks, documents, and other books from the office. Teenmaar Mallanna was arrested on the charges of demanding money and threatening to kill a person. 

As part of the case, police questioned Dr. Emmanuel, the manager of Praja clinic near Peerzardiguda, Canara Nagar. It is learned that Teenmaar Mallanna had previously undergone treatment under this doctor when he was tested positive for COVID-19. It is said that police have interrogated the doctor so that they may get any clue from him.

On the other hand, a member of the National BC Commission Acharya Talloju clarified that the Telangana DGP should personally attend the hearing that is going to take place on September 25th. He also clarified that they are not going to spare if any other officer attends the hearing instead of DGP. Acharya Talloju expressed dissatisfaction over DCP attending the hearing of the case on Monday saying that DGP could not attend due to Vinayaka Chavithi.

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