Demand for Surgical Masks in Hyderabad Goes Up

 - Sakshi Post

The demand for surgical face masks in Hyderabad has gone up very rapidly in the past two to three days. Medical shops and pharmacies in the city are facing a lot of shortage and are unable to supply the required numbers.

A pharmacist in Hyderabad says, “People are thronging the shop asking for a bundle of masks and sanitisers, we are running out of the essential items quicker than before.”

Distributors are unable to match the demand and masks and sanitisers are flying off the shelf, depleting the stock faster than that we receive from the suppliers, said another shop owner.

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The Telangana Chemists' Association, as well as Pharmacists' Association, opine that it will not be correct to say that there is a shortage. Paramathma Chilukuri, Nalgonda District General Secretary, Telangana Pharmacists' Association said, "It is only the sudden increase in demand over the past one week that has forced the public to stock up for the uncertain times. The demand is too high to match the supply from distributors."

There is also a slight increase in the prices of the three-ply surgical masks, some chemists said. The masks that were sold at Rs 2, are now being charged at Rs. 3 or Rs. 4 at several shops. 

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