Dejected Telangana Farmer Burns Crops

 - Sakshi Post

The news of farmers' suicides and ryots burning their crops has been grabbing the headlines for quite sometime now. They harvest the crops for a year but in the end, they are left empty-handed because of the losses suffered either because their crops were destroyed or because they did not get the minimum support price for their produce. 

Even though the government is giving priority to farmers, we still hear about such tragic incidents occurring around the country. Lack of support price, downpour at the time of harvest and pest infection are some of the reasons driving farmers to take the extreme step. In a shocking incident, a person burnt his crop in Khammam District of Telangana.

P Dishender is a tenant farmer resident of Singareddypalem village in Nelakondapalli Mandal, Khammam District. He said he was very upset over pest infection that damaged his crop. He had cultivated paddy in about three acres of land. Brown planthopper, a sucking insect, is said to have damaged the crops. The farmer had invested around Rs 60,000 on the crops. "Since I could nothing, I decided to burn the crops," said the farmer.

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