Cyberabad Roads Turn Death Traps For Commuters

 - Sakshi Post

Cyberabad roads are fast turning out to be death traps. Over 400 persons died and as many as 1920 people suffered grievous injuries in the road accidents in the Cyberabad region since January this year. On August 31 alone, there were 11 different road mishaps in the Cyberabad region.

Cyberabad has always ranked  as a danger zone in terms of road mishaps. Rash driving, over-speeding, drunken-drive and overcrowding of the vehicles are said to be the main reason for the recurring mishaps. In 2019 too, over 163 people died till June. The traffic police complain that the presence of the ring roads, four lanes and lack of lighting and signal systems are leading to most accidents. The police say that lack of resources and financial crunch is one of the reasons why proper measures are not being put in place in danger zones.

Unfortunately, at least 40 percent of those who die in road mishaps are pedestrians, say police. 

The police have identified several red zones in the Cyberabad region and are trying to address the issue of road mishaps. They said that the police are trying to make a film to create awareness among the commuters. 

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