Cyberabad Police Intensify Crackdown on Drug Menace in Hyderabad

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The Cyberabad Police Department has intensified the probe into drug-related cases, and the crackdown has begun to generate remarkable results. Over the last year, the police in this city have filed 222 cases and arrested 460 people in drug-related crimes. 

In addition, between January 2021 and January 2022, 23 people were arrested under the Preventive Detention Act. Officials stated that the Special Operations Team (SOT) and NDPS Cell officials are constantly on the lookout for drug peddlers and customers, and have created a robust informant network to aid in the fight against the drug epidemic. 

From January 2021 to January 2022, officials seized 2,863.09 kgs of marijuana, 128 live marijuana plants, 14 marijuana tablets, 8.63 litres of hashish oil, 141 kgs of Alprazolam, 240.29 kilograms MDMA, 47 Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) blots, 200 kilograms of Opium, 61 Ecstasy pills, and other drugs.

According to Cyberabad Police Commissioner M Stephen Raveendra's orders, police officers from all zones have increased their daily checks at hotspots. Inter-state drug peddlers, bulk buyers, local retailers, and drug transporters, said officials, have been placed on the police radar in order to reduce marijuana selling and use in the commissionerate. The officials seized many lakhs of rupees in cash and vehicles used in the transportation of psychotropic chemical substances, and the suspects were handed up to the respective police stations and remanded in judicial remand.

"The SOT, in collaboration with the NDPS Cell, is actively conducting raids, establishing traps, and subsequently busting contraband drug rackets in Cyberabad Police Commissionerate to prevent illegal trafficking of narcotic narcotics and psychotropic substances," M Stephen Raveendra stated. To combat the problem, police teams are establishing strong sources and informants' networks, and as a consequence, every drug movement or trade is tipped off, and appropriate action is being taken against drug peddlers and racketeers, he added.

The police, are making certain that people caught in drug-related cases are found guilty in a court of law. "So far this year, the Preventive Detention Act has been invoked against 25 drug peddlers to prevent them from engaging in similar illegal activities in the future," stated the Commissioner.

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