Crime Rates in Telangana Rises by 9pc in Rachakonda

 - Sakshi Post

The overall crime rate in Rachakonda increased by roughly 9% in 2021, with cybercrime, crimes against women, kidnappings, POCSO incidents, and a few conventional crimes on the rise. 

However, Rachakonda police boosted the conviction rate, dealt with incidents of women and child trafficking with iron fist, and busted major drug rackets this year. The police booked a total of 23,045 cases this year, up from 20,467 the previous year. Rachakonda Police Commissioner Mahesh Muralidhar Bhagwat stated that anytime someone came to the police station with a complaint, charges were recorded.

Murders, kidnappings, molestation, and other physical crimes rose in 2021. Cybercrime cases increased by roughly 130% this year, with 1,360 recorded cases compared to 610 the previous year. "Because cybercrime is the future of crime, there is a surge in cases across the country.  Every day, new methods are devised by fraudsters to defraud the people, and on our side, we are registering cases and arresting the offenders, freezing accounts, and raising awareness about the crime on a daily basis," the Commissioner stated. 

Adding he stated, that the traffic police often conduct drunken driving checks and filing charges against those who are caught driving under the influence of alcohol. About 580 persons were sent to jail under the drunk and driving cases.

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