COVID Third Wave in India: Will Parents Send Their Kids To School?

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The fate of the education of Indian citizens is based on vaccination. Parents in India are in a dilemma over sending their kids to school as the fear of corona looms. On the other hand, there are differing views on when to vaccinate children if the vaccine becomes available. A local survey was done to find out the thoughts of Indian parents on sending children to school and vaccinating them. Several key points were revealed in it.


The Telangana, government has announced that all educational institutions will be open across the state from July 1. The Telangana government announced the decision at a time when other states were thinking back and forth over the opening of educational institutions. However, a survey that collected and analyzed the views of 1,789 parents on sending their children to schools and vaccinations got some interesting insights.

26% of parents are of the opinion that when educational institutions start their children will be sent to school.

Fifteen percent of parents said they would send their children to educational institutions only after the number of covid cases in the districts goes down.

24% of family heads said that they would send their children to schools/colleges if zero corona cases were reported in the district where they live as well as in neighboring districts.


Interesting facts came to light when samples were collected and analyzed from 1600 people in Telangana on vaccination of children.

49% of parents are of the opinion that children should be vaccinated if the vaccine becomes available to their children by September.

Thirty-one percent of parents said they would wait one to three months to get their children vaccinated.

14 percent of parents say that they will get their kids vaccinated this year


A total of 10,828 samples was collected from parents across the country on the issue of sending their children to school. A majority of parents said they were not ready to send their children to slavery.

76 percent of parents are adamant that they will send their children to college/school if corona cases in the district where they live comes down to zero or children are vaccinated.

69 percent of parents across the country were ready to send their children to school before the start of the second Wave, now the number has dropped to 20pc

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