COVID Curbs Trigger Uncertainty, Worries Migrant Workers In Hyderabad

 - Sakshi Post

After the government-imposed night curfew, many of the migrant workers from Industrial areas in the city were panic-stricken and seemed to have packed their luggage to leave for their hometowns.

As per reports, there are around 20,000 laborers working in nearly 600 industries in the Kattedan industrial area of Rajendranagar. In the Biscuit manufacturing industry alone, some 10,000 workers from different states are said to be employed. Even in Tata Nagar and Shastripuram, the situation is the same.

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Soon after the new COVID Norms were specified, migrant workers thronged bus and railway stations, leaving from the kattedan and Balanagar areas. They seem to be anticipating another total lockdown like last time.

Migrant workers are worried that their situation may turn for worse as several production units too are exhibiting uncertainty and halted work for now. 

They are hoping that the government would give them advanced notice unlike last time in the event of a complete lockdown. 

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