COVID-19: Telangana Health Authorities Ask People To Be Careful

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HYDERABAD: The health authorities in Telangana  on Friday advised the people to take necessary precautions during the Deepavali festival and the wedding season this month to prevent the spread of COVID-19. State Director of Public Health G Srinivas Rao said that,  "Swine flu and other flu may also spread during the winter season in addition to the COVID-19 pandemic."

He suggested that people celebrate Deepavali by lighting 'diyas' (small oil lamp) and stay away from firecrackers as they contribute to rise in air pollution.

He asserted that, "Our appeal to people is in view of COVID-19 and public health. We need to control air pollution from rising further in our city and Telangana. People need to cooperate for this. The firecrackers which we burst traditionally should be kept off, as bursting them increases the air pollution."

He further added that, the air pollution may also add to the severity of coronavirus.  He suggested the people to celebrate Diwali by lighting diyas and stay away from firecrackers. He said that precautions against COVID-19 should be taken at least for the next three months as there is hope of a vaccine or a permanent treatment being available then. He pointed out that some people are not following precautions like wearing a mask, maintaining social distance and frequent hand-washing.  He stressed that precautions should be taken to ensure that a so-called second wave or third wave of the virus does not occur in the state.

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