COVID-19: Pvt Hospital Charges Doctor Patient Rs 1.15 Lakh For A Day's Treatment

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HYDERABAD: After Telangana government granted permission to private hospitals to test and treat COVID-19 patients, some of the private hospitals are looting the public by collecting extremely high amounts for coronavirus treatment.

One such incident happened in Hyderabad city's Chaderghat. Dr Sultana, Divisional Medical Officer (DMO) of Fever hospital who was admitted with COVID-19 in Thumbay Hospital New Life in Chaderghat was charged Rs 1.15 lakh for 24 hours of COVID-19 treatment.

According to reports, the hospital staff had detained her for paying only Rs. 40,000 and demanded from her to pay the rest of the amount and leave the hospital.

Dr. Sultana released a video about her bitter experience with the hospital staff, which has gone viral on social media.

She had also released a letter narrating the sequence of happenings that she had faced in the hospital.

In the letter, the doctor said that she tested positive for COVID-19, 16 days back and was treating herself at home. As she faced severe difficulty breathing, she went to Thumbay hospital and was admitted there. She said that the hospital didn't even provide proper medication to her and the nurses were not even responding to patients.

"I got discharged from there within 24 hours for which they have charged Rs 1.15 lakh on July 2," said the doctor.

"I paid only Rs 40,000 as I didn't have money then they refused to discharge me and detained me and gave me 10 units of Insulin injection, which is very inhumane," she said.

She even said that hospital staff had ill-treated her for questioning over the hefty bill and said that her family members were also infected with COVID-19.

Sultana's family members expressed outrage over the hospital management, for charging Rs 1.15 lakh just for one-day treatment and for detaining her. They demanded the immediate release of Sultana and for the cancellation of the hospital's accreditation.

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