Denied Entry Inside Village, COVID-19 Patients Undergo Treatment At Graveyard In Sangareddy

 - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: Despite efforts by the state government to not stigmatise COVID-19 patients, but it has not been effective with multiple reports of people ill-treating Coronavirus infected patients.

One such incident came to light in Narayankhed Mandal, in which COVID-19 infected persons were undergoing treatment at a graveyard, after they were denied entry into the village.

According to reports, three residents of Khanapur village of Narayankhed Mandal in Sanga Reddy district tested positive for COVID-19 and the doctors advised them to undergo home quarantine. But the other villagers refused to allow them to enter the village, fearing they would be infected with COVID-19.

Later, healthcare officials have arranged a shelter for them at the graveyard on the outskirts of the village. Khanapur village in Narayankhed Mandal is the native place of MLA Bhupal Reddy.

It is reported that health officials also refused to shift them to hospital and the COVID-19 patients were left unattended by health staff for the past two days.

In a similar incident, a coronavirus-infected police constable was locked out of his rented portion by his landlord on July 27. Another COVID-19 affected colleague of his had to stay away from his house due to the risk of transmitting the virus to his children.

Infected with the dreaded virus and no shelter to rest and recover, the two constables were forced to spend their time in the hillocks near the Sub-Registrar's office in Mahabubabad district headquarter town.

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