Conman Fleeced An Internet Cafe Owner Using His Own Phone

 - Sakshi Post

NALGONDA: A case of fraudster hoodwinking a gullible citizen has been reported in Tipparthy Mandal of Nalgonda district. As per the reports, Somagoni Saidulu runs a cybercafe in the area. An unknown person entered his internet cafe at 10.30 am on Tuesday and asked the victim if he could send money online to someone. 

When Saidulu agreed to help him, the conman told him to send one rupee to ensure there’s no digital payment issue. While Saidulu was making the test payment PhonePe app, he managed to see his UPI PIN number. Later, he asked for his phone to check if the amount was successfully sent to the provided number. In the meantime, using his own phone while pretending to make a call for test payment confirmation, transferred Rs 20,000 twice to his own number.

He gave back the phone to Saidulu and left saying he would come back soon. Sensing something fishy Saidulu called back the same number and the conman answered the phone call and later switched it off. The internet cafe owner approached the police and called the Cyber Crime toll-free number to lodge a complaint against the conman.

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