Congress Leaders Refusing To Stay In Dubbak Interior Villages

 - Sakshi Post

Warnings, entreaties, threats and cajolements notwithstanding, the Congress leaders are have not yet reached the interior villages in Dubbak constituency, which is all set to witness a bypoll soon. Most of the leaders, who had announced amid much fanfare that they would stay put in the villages during the whole campaign period and would return only after the votes are polled, have not gone to the villages so far.

Most Congress leaders, who have been given responsibility of different villages in Dubbak, have not yet stirred out of their houses. Some have visited the villages, only to return back to Hyderabad and Medak by night. Party Telangana affairs incharge Manickam Tagore has clearly told them to go and stay in the interior villages. Yet most leaders prefer to come back to their homes by night.

A senior leader had told his supporters that he would stay in Dubbak till the polling day and said he would be available to them over  phone, has not actually moved out of his residence. Only top leaders like Uttam Kumar Reddy, Revanth Reddy, Komatireddy Venkat Reddy and Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka are actually touring the interior villages.

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