Congress Leader Uttam Kumar Reddy Calls TRS Sub-Regional Party

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Hyderabad: Former TPCC President Uttam Kumar Reddy lampooned Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s determination to launch a national party ahead of 2024 General elections. 

Uttam Kumar Reddy, who is touring his Nalgonda Lok Sabha constituency as part of Rachabanda programme, told reporters that KCR has decided to ruin the country which BJP is already doing.

“CM KCR, through misgovernance and inefficiency, has already ruined the Telangana State. Now he wants to ruin the country which BJP is already doing. He is now unable to cheat people of Telangana through his web of deception. Therefore, he now wants to use his arsenal of lies on the people of this country,” he said.

Alleging that KCR's 8 years rule is marred by fake promises and false claims, Congress leader challenged the chief minister to show one scheme that his government has successfully and fully implemented. He said the TRS leader has been ruling Telangana based on lies and deception.

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Continuing his criticism of the Chief Minister, Nalgonda MP said at a time when people of Telangana have decided to throw TRS out of power in the next elections, KCR is dreaming of becoming the Prime Minister.

Uttam Kumar Reddy termed the TRS party as a ‘refugee camp’ or ‘dustbin’ for the Congress leaders who switched loyalties. He said KCR is planning to float a national political party, while his TRS is not even a regional, but a sub-regional party.

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