Congress Faces Internal Community War

 - Sakshi Post

A caste war of sorts is taking shape in the Telangana Congress Party. Several leaders from the SC and BC communities feel that the party has gone into the hands of one dominant community and strongly argue that this needs to be corrected forthwith. They feel that the High Command of the party is also influenced by sycophants and is unable to take the right decisions.

Leaders of the BC and SC communities in the Congress Party recently met at Warangal to discuss their political future. While seniors like Addanki Dayakar attended the meet, it was presided over by former DCC chief Katla Srinivas.

The meet strongly felt that the Congress leadership has ignored the BCs and the SCs. The speakers pointed out that when the Congress lost power in 2014, the then PCC chief Ponnala Lakshmaiah, a BC, was asked to own up responsibility and resign. But in 2019, the Congress high command did not ask Uttam Kumar Reddy, the PCC chief to continue. He is still continuing as the PCC chief, the speakers said.

They also pointed out that the Congress Party has been ignoring the BC and SC communities and wanted the Damodaram Sanjeevaiah formula to be brought back. Going by the mood in the meet, it is clear that the BC and SC leaders are upset that only Reddys are being touted as the next PCC chiefs. Will this lead to further schism in the party? Will the High Command step in to salvage the situation? What are the next moves of the SC and BC leaders in the party? Let’s wait and see.

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