CM KCR Irked By Withered Saplings On Tupran, Gajwel Highway

 - Sakshi Post

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on Wednesday visited Chennur MLA and government whip Balka Suman's residence in Regunta village of Metpally mandal in Jagtial district. He paid tributes to Balka Suman's father who died due to Covid-19 recently.

While on KCR's way to Erravalli farmhouse, he noticed withered saplings on the either sides of the road in Gajwel. He called Gajwel Area Development Authority (GADA) special officer Mutyam Reddy and inquired about it. Mutyam Reddy told the CM that the plants were withered due to the construction of a special pipeline from Gajwel to Narsapur constituency last year. KCR questioned that why didn't they plant new ones in the place of dried ones.

He also said that new saplings should be planted on either sides of the road in Gajwel-Pragnapur municipality. The 'Gada' special officer on Thursday took necessary action to plant new saplings in the place of dried plants on the either sides of roads from Tupran to Gajwel.

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