Clicking Selfies, Teenager Slips Into Waterfalls, Drowns In Telangana

 - Sakshi Post

MAHABUBABAD (Telangana): A family’s pleasure trip to a waterfalls ended in tragedy following the drowning of their teenaged daughter in Mahabubabad district of Telangana on Sunday. Sivani, studying diploma in animal husbandry, accidentally slipped into the waterfalls while looking to take a selfie picture and drowned right in front of the eyes of her shocked family members. The tragic incident happened at the Chintoni Thopu waterfalls in Bayyaram mandal of Mahabubabad district.

According to details, Ambati Satish, a resident of Bayyaram mandal headquarter town, headed to the waterfalls along with his wife Srividya, daughter Sivani and son Sivaji as part of a pleasure trip. The family had a merry time soaking in the beauty of the waterfalls and kept clicking pictures on their mobile smartphones.

Just when the family was about to head back home, Sivani still wanted to click a few more pictures up close from the waterfalls. Even as her family members were watching, she suddenly slipped into the waterfalls and vanished. The heavy inflows due to floods from upstream have only made matters worse for the family in their bid to rescue her. In a span of a few seconds, Sivani was consumed by the furiously swirling waters, making her sink without a trace.

Teams of Bayyaram police who rushed to the spot made frantic efforts to search for Sivani. Later, they requisitioned two JCBs to divert the flow of water only to find the lifeless body of the teenager at the bottom.

Devastated members of Sivani’s family were inconsolable even as they struggled to stomach the fact that tragedy struck them and life suddenly turned on its head, all in the matter of a few seconds. With the fancy for selfies clearly playing its villainous part in the tragedy, many were seen wondering at the site that Sivani would have been alive if only she had resisted the temptation to click a few more selfie pictures.

In the wake of the incident, the police renewed their calls to the public avoid visiting waterfalls, rivulets and streams especially at a time when they are in spate due to floods from heavy rains.

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