Chicken Price in Telangana on Rise

 - Sakshi Post

Hey, Non-Veg lovers.. here is a piece of bad news for you! Chicken price in the state is rising. Chicken meat that was selling for Rs.175 per kg 20 days ago, is now selling for Rs.280 per kg. Chicken prices are expected to rise further, as per info from poultry industry sources. The winter has ended, and the mercury levels in the state have gone up from 37 degrees to 39 degrees Celsius in certain areas. A huge number of birds are dying as a result of the weather change.

On the other hand, the price of chicken feed has increased, resulting in higher chicken prices. The price of Indian (Desi) chicken flesh is rising as well. The meat is priced between Rs 400 and 500 per kg. The reason for the rise in desi chicken prices is its shortage. Some dealers are bringing in desi chickens reared in MP forests. The desi chicken reared in local poultry farms is sold for Rs. 500 kg.

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