Centre Points Out Serious Lapses in MGNREGS Implementation in Telangana, Action-taken Report Sought 

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Hyderabad: Amid friction between the Centre and Telangana, the Central government on Friday asked the state government to submit a comprehensive Action Taken Report (ATR) by September 11, 2002 on  Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS). 

The Centre has raised multiple issues in the implementation of MGNREGS. The central team of the Ministry of Rural Development had visited from June 9 to 12 to review the implementation of MGNREGS in the state.  The Centre wrote a letter to the Telangana government saying the central monitoring team found several issues with the implementation of Mahatma Gandhi NREGS in the State of Telangana. 

“During the inspection, the team had highlighted issues such as undertaking non-permissible work (construction of food grain drying platform or staggered trenches in the forest areas), major irregularities in estimation, approval and implementation of the works relating to desilting of Minor Irrigation-Tanks including non-compliance of laid down guidelines, similar irregularities relating to work of staggered trenches (being taken up in plain areas instead of hilly regions with high gradients, where they are useful), splitting of works to avoid approval of the superior technical authority and other procedural violations of guidelines such as those relating to community information boards, job cards, maintenance of proper documentation in the gram panchayats,” the letter said.

The letter further states that in view of the serious lapses highlighted, the central government also deployed teams to conduct a thorough scrutiny of implementation of MGNREGS scheme for necessary course correction and all the visiting 15 teams found deficiencies similar to those observed by the earlier Central team. 

Sharing detailed reports with the Telangana government, the central said that reports revealed serious irregularities and the manner in which NREGS is being administered as against that required by the act, rules, guidelines and circulars issued in this regard by central government and indeed the State government themselves.

The letter mentioned that the way in which MGNREGS is being implemented in Telangana requires action as directed in the central government’s communication to the state, including refund of irregularly spent amounts, criminal and administrative action against the defaulters as also recoveries, but also a thorough overhaul of the administrative machinery and inculcation of a culture of transparency, accountability and making best use of public funds.

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In a letter addressed to the Telangana government, the Central government noted that it views this matter with extreme concern and expects a detailed action-taken report (ATR) against all issues highlighted by the teams/ministry and a thorough enquiry by the state government as appropriate warranted/directed. 

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