Cant Find Fault With Pubs, Sonu Sood On Hyderabad Gangrape Incident

Hyderabad: Sonu Sood's Reaction To Jubilee Hills Rape Case Incident - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: Actor, humanitarian, and philanthropist Sonu Sood on Tuesday said that it was not correct to find fault with pubs while responding to a question on the incident of rape of a minor girl in the upmarket Jubilee Hills area in the city of Hyderabad.

Sonu Sood said that he was shocked after hearing about the incident and that it was most unfortunate and wished it never happened. He also hoped that the rapists would be brought to justice. The actor said that punishments should be severe in rape cases so that no one should dare to do such kinds of crimes in the future. The upbringing also matters and what is being taught to children is also important he said, in a brief interaction with the media. In response to a question, Sonu Sood replied that there was no differentiation between a major and a minor when it was related to a crime.

Sonu Sood was in Hyderabad for the launch of the UBlood app on the occasion of World Blood Donors Day.

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