Bronze Statue Of Colonel Santosh Babu At Suryapet Junction: Minister Jagadeesh Reddy

 - Sakshi Post

SURYAPET: Minister Jagadeesh Reddy on Thursday said that the state government was committed to supporting slain Colonel Bikkumalla Santosh Babu's family. He said that a memorial would be set up at the cremation site in memory of the Colonel who was killed by Chinese troops during clashes in Galwan Valley in Ladakh.

A Bronze statue of the Colonel at Suryapet junction will be set up, adding a circle in Suryapet town will be named after him, the minister said.

His mortal remains were consigned to flames with full military honours here on Thursday. He was the Commanding Officer of the Bihar regiment posted in Ladakh.

Thousands of people participated in the funeral procession and many people standing on balconies of their residences showered flowers on the army vehicle which was carrying the body.

People raised slogans praising him and the Indian Army for their selfless efforts to safeguard the country.
Along with army officials, police,  several politicians arrived at the residence of Colonel Santhosh Babu to pay rich tributes.

The funeral took place at the family's own land at Kesaram village which is eight km away from Suryapet. The Colonel's father performed the related rituals.

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