BJP MLA Raja Singh Detained On His Way To Yellareddypet After BJP-TRS Clashes

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Hyderabad: BJP MLA T Raja Singh was arrested while heading towards Yellareddypet town of Rajanna-Sircilla district on Saturday. The situation remained tense in the area as the TRS and BJP members clashed over a social media post on Friday night. As per reports a few BJP members were injured in the clashes while others were shifted to Sircilla police station. 

The Gosha Mahal legislator was detained by the police midway while he was going to visit party members in Yellareddypet town and take stock of the situation. It is said a few BJP leaders attacked the house of TRS district president Thota Agaiah in Yellareddypet Mandal last night. 

BC Welfare Minister Gangula Kamalakar who visited Thota Agaiah’s house after the attack along with the MLAs Rasamai Balakishan and Sunke Ravishankar, said he went to his house not as a State Minister but as a party worker and a family member. 

Gangula Kamalakar found fault with the BJP saying due to the dissent in the party, people are joining the ruling TRS party and the BJP leaders who cannot digest this fact are allegedly resorting to attacks on turncoats. He added a person named Gopi with a knife in his hand and a few BJP members armed with sticks had come to attack the party leader’s house. Enraged over BJP’s attack, the BC Welfare Minister warned the saffron party against any attack on TRS leaders saying it would have serious consequences.

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