Anantapuram: Inspired by Dandupalyam Movie, Man Kills Teacher in Kadiri

 - Sakshi Post

The AP police arrested a criminal who committed a crime after drawing inspiration from the film Dandupalyam. Usha Rani, a teacher, was murdered in Kadiri on November 11 last year, and police, after questioning over 5,000 people in the case, identified Shafiulla of Kadiri as the culprit. Shafi committed the crime after seeing the film Dandypalyam, said the Superintendent of Police Fakirappa, and legal action would be taken against the film unit to avoid future crimes.

The culprit was found to have 58 tolas of gold and Rs.97,000 in cash. Eight special teams were formed to hunt for the culprit across five states. SP said that to crack the case over lakh phone calls were investigated and 5,000 suspects were interrogated.

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