Alternative Agenda Not Political Front is Country’s Need of the Hour, KCR in TRS Plenary Session

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Hyderabad: The ruling TRS chief and Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Raosaid we need to work on an alternative agenda as it is the need of the hour for the country’s political landscape. He ruled out forming a new political front but insisted on the emergence of “new political force” in which his party could play a key role for the country’s development. 

“What is required and desirable are not political fronts. Many such fronts have come, what happened? Not political realignment, what is required is an alternative agenda,” he said. 

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The TRS party celebrated its 21st Foundation Day at Hyderabad International Convention Centre (HICC) on Wednesday in Hyderabad. Addressing the party’s rank and file, KCR said he rejected the Left parties’ idea of toppling the ruling BJP at the Centre. He said uplifting people’s lives is more important than dislodging an elected government. 

In his 90-minutes speech, the TRS leader briefly touched upon the divisive politics, saying politics over non-issues like Hijab and Halal topics will destroy the future of the country as it will only cause chaos and unrest in the country. 

“The IT sector in Bangalore provides employment to 30 lakh people. Should that unrest spread to other parts? What happens to NRIs if other countries react similarly?” KCR said targetting the BJP on the situation of communal unrest in Karnataka.

KCR also raised the strained relationship with the Governor of Telangana. Without taking the Governor’s name, the TRS supremo said Governors of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Kerala are not maintaining cordial relationship with the elected government and instead working at cross purposes with the state governments.

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