From Agriculture to IT, Telangana Registers Inclusive Growth: KTR in SFO

 IT and Industries Minister KTR attends an Exclusive Investors Roundtable to promote investments into Telangana in San Francisco, CA (Twitter: @MinisterKTR) - Sakshi Post

IT and Industries Minister KTR spoke at an Exclusive Investors Roundtable in Los Altos, CA, USA on Wednesday. The meeting was hosted by Consul General of India in San Francisco Dr. Nagendra Prasad to promote investments into the state of Telangana.

In his initial remarks, KTR said that there is a great deal of optimism across the globe after the pandemic has subsided. He opined that new opportunities are emerging across various sectors in a post-pandemic world. 

Reminiscing of his visit to the Bay Area in 2015 to introduce the newly formed state of Telangana to the world, KTR narrated the story of a trailblazing and triumphant Telangana. He explained how Telangana's economy is growing at a rapid pace under the leadership of CM KCR. Telangana is a classic example of how equitable growth can be achieved across sectors, he added. 

Elaborating further, KTR said in Telangana rural development and urban development go hand in hand. It is one of those rare states where as varied sectors as agriculture and Information Technology are simultaneously growing at a breakneck speed. 

“Telangana is Independent India's most successful Startup”, KTR declared amidst an applause from the participants. 

Speaking at the Roundtable, Hon’ble Consul General Dr. Nagendra Prasad stated that Minister KTR is known for his dynamism and novel initiatives like T-Hub. He appreciated the IT Minister for his inspiring leadership.

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