After Nizam, PV, It's Now The Turn Of NTR

 - Sakshi Post

KCR’s masterly political sense has come to the fore once again. After appropriating Nizam and emerging as a friend of Muslims, he had appropriated PV Narasimha Rao’s legacy and pushed the Congress into utter confusion. Now, he is out to usurp the legacy of – hold your breath – NT Rama Rao.

This move will sweep what remains of the TDP in Telangana off its feet. The party will have to watch with mouth agape as KCR begins to own up NTR. KCR has decided to introduce a lesson on NTR in the text books. His rise as an actor and as a politician would be chronicled in the lesson. KCR can also go home and tell that he has named his son after legendary NTR.

The move has another dimension. NTR of late is seen as the icon of a particular social group in the Telugu states and that community has a significant presence in various parts of Telangana, including Hyderabad. By appropriating NTR’s legacy, he could emerge as a friend of this powerful community. This would be useful in winning the support of this group in the upcoming GHMC elections.

In a way, KCR will kill two birds with one shot. He would be able to rob the TDP of its icon and completely finish it off politically. Secondly, he would be able to garner the support of the powerful social group that owns up NTR. Great political game indeed.

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