Advance Auto Parts Inaugurates Global Capability Centre In Hyderabad

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Advance Auto Parts, a leading automotive aftermarket parts provider and a Fortune 500 company headquartered in North Carolina, today announced its official India entry with the launch of its Global Capability Cente (GCC)r. The center is an integral part of Advance global and acts as a Hub of innovation, providing critical transformational support and automotive solutions across IT, Digital, Finance, and Human Resources, for its North American markets. 

The center was officially inaugurated by Shree K. T. Rama Rao, Minister of Municipal Administration and Urban Development of Telangana, in the presence of Mr. Jayesh Ranjan, Secretary, Information Technology (IT); Government of Telangana, Mr. Amarnath Reddy Atmakuri, Chief Relations Officer, Government of Telangana, Tom Greco, President & Chief Executive Officer, Advance and Mahender Dubba, Managing Director, Advance GCC India. 

With the three-fold objective of accelerating ‘Scale’, ‘Skill’, and ‘Speed’ to complement the Advance growth story, the center works towards innovating and elevating the customer experience in the automotive value chain.With a legacy of business excellence and success spanning over 90 years, Advance is one of the largest players in the fast-evolving, high-growth automotive aftermarket parts industry in North America. With the objective to identify synergies and build shared capabilities to support the company’s growth and transformation, the GCC was strategically set up in Hyderabad, India in 2019. As part of the India commitment, the brand has made significant investments in establishing its domestic base and plans on exponentially increasing its workforce over the next several years. 

Tom Greco, President & Chief Executive Officer, Advance, said, “GCC centers in India over the last decade have risen in importance and relevance, owing to its unique ecosystem such as academia, start-ups, service providers, industry bodies, an abundance of talent and conducive government policies. Setting up a GCC in India, was a strategic move to support Advance’s transformational journey by leveraging India’s talent powerhouse to deliver efficient solutions for complex processes, participate in innovation programs, and develop digital capabilities.”

“India is an extremely important market for Advance, and we are committed to investing substantially in recruiting, retaining, and developing top talent to drive growth and value across the company with an impetus on innovation. We look forward to growing our global team in Hyderabad and hope to become one of the great places to work in India while helping grow the regional economy” he further added. 

During the Inauguration, KT Rama Rao, Minister of Municipal Administration and Urban Development of Telangana, said “I am extremely proud to see Telangana’s focus on digitization and Industry friendly policies translate to it becoming a destination of choice for global investors like Advance Auto Parts. With Hyderabad's growing R&D prowess and extraordinary talent pool, it is serving more than 1000 global innovators in their Research & Development, across sectors. A leading Fortune 500 automotive parts provider company setting up its Global Capability center in Hyderabad, is a testimony to the investor friendly policies of the Telangana Government. I am happy to see the noteworthy growth Advance has made since 2019 and its ambitious projections for the next 5 years. The Government of Telangana will be happy to extend all the support required to accelerate the growth of Advance in Hyderabad. Also look forward to Advanced Auto Parts being a big part of the world class Telangana Mobility Valley (TMV) developed by the Government of Telangana.” 

Mahender Dubba, Managing Director, Advance GCC India, stated, “Referred to as the ‘Global GCC Capital’, with a 50% share of the global GCC market, GCCs in India have moved up the value chain from providers of low-cost routine services to centers of excellence. Leveraging this opportunity, the GCC in India, an integral part of the global organization, has been set up to unlock operational efficiencies, and increase levels of collaboration. With our new Global Capability Center, we look forward to attracting the best possible local talent and we are committed to building our domestic base which currently employs close to 430 people and a year end target of 600 people. We are on a journey to build one of the best-in-class innovation centers at the Global Capability Center, Hyderabad.” 

Located conveniently, the new office will be another strong draw for top talent looking to work for a multinational company. The new-age office space is user-centric and focuses on collaboration. It is a space where employees can build a strong future, grow personally and professionally, and enjoy their work while making meaningful contributions to the company. The center boasts of best-in-class IT and office facilities, and a modern design featuring an in-office café area. With focus on ensuring the wholistic wellness of employees, the center also houses Meditation and wellness rooms. Furthermore, the inclusive culture of the brand is reflected through the dedicated spaces for prayers and mothers in addition to brail signboards. 

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