Adilabad: Test Results Delay Leading to More Infections

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Most of the people are skipping a visit to the Public Health Centres (PHCs) for Covid tests due to the soaring temperatures. Even if they come, their patience is being tested with the delay in  tests. Also, a shortage in Rapid test kits is a common issue at various places. These rewsons are leading to a surge in the number of Covid cases and a faster spread of virus in Adilabad district.

The medical staff is spending considerable time collecting names from people who visit the test centres and this also delays the process. Several people with symptoms have complained about the huge delay in tests at PHCs and in releasing the results.

Many elderly persons are going back home without getting tested, unable to bear with the strain and weather conditions for long. In some places, the staff are waiting for 50 people to arrive and then would collect samples. Some alleged that a few medical staff were also seeking bribe to give the test result immediately at RIMS, Adilabad.

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Most of the asymptomatic people are unknowingly transmitting the virus to others. People are freely moving and mingling without taking Covid precautions on assuming they were not affected by the virus. Many people whose result is pending are carelessly moving around among the public. Some political leaders have criticised alleged negligence on part of the medical staff in conducting the tests and the delay in declaring the results.

Adding another confusion to this point, the health department has stopped issuing the daily bulletin on the number of positive case and deaths happening which has only alarmed people.

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