Adilabad Police, Tough On Duty But Humane For Those in Need

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The Telangana state government has imposed a strict lockdown across the state to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. During the lockdown, police are cracking down on those who break the law. At the same time, they are showing kindness to people who are in distress.

In a recent incident, the joint Adilabad district police showed their kindness to old people and helpless women. Gudikandula Satish Bhagyalakshmi, a couple from Dandepalli village brought their daughter to the hospital in Lakshettipeta city, Manchiryala district. However, on their way back, they were unable to find any vehicle and were forced to wait. Manchiryala DCP Uday Kumar Reddy who saw them while he was monitoring the lockdown situation, helped send them back to their home.

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Meanwhile, in the Bellampalli area of the Manchiryala district, an elderly woman who went to the market for essentials in the morning was unable to return home due to lockdown. ACP Rehman of Bellampalli, who was inspecting vehicles at the time, spotted the elderly woman walking in the scorching sun. The ACP felt sorry for the elderly woman and immediately dispatched an auto to transport her.

During the lockdowns, the police have been tough on duty in the Adilabad district, but all those who have seen the police have been appreciative of their humanitarian assistance.

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