Adilabad Lawyer Gets Sextortion Call, Case Filed Against Unknown Caller

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Adilabad: Cyber criminals have found a novel way to extort money from unsuspecting people through a nude video call. Recently, Mangesh Kumar, a lawyer from Sanjay Nagar area in Adilabad town, was allegedly blackmailed by cyber criminals with a nude call. 

As per the victim, he received a WhatsApp chat from an unknown number having a female profile pic. The unidentified caller started the conversation as follows :  

Unknown caller : “Hi”
Lawyer : “Hi, Who r you” 
Unknown caller : “Shiwani”
Unknown caller :  “U name”
Lawyer :  “Why u want” 

Unknown caller then initiated a video call which the lawyer didn’t receive and later asked. 

Lawyer: “What u want”
Unknown caller :  “R u no interest”
Unknown caller :  “Tell me”
Lawyer : “No”

The lawyer says the unknown caller made several video calls on his WhatsApp contact. He said when he answered the video call from a new number, it turned out to be a nude video call and he hung up the phone immediately. 

Realising that the victims received the call, the unidentified person started demanding money from him. The lawyer further stated that the unknown persons, who were claiming to be Delhi police personnel, threatened to file a criminal case against him if he doesn’t give in to their demands. 

The victim said he told the unidentified caller that he was a lawyer and he would file a sextortion  case against them. The lawyer added that he had lodged a complaint with the cyber crime department on August 7.

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It is pertinent to note that sextortion is a form of blackmail where a perpetrator threatens to reveal intimate images of the victim online unless they give in to their demands. Cyber criminals threaten to share the images with the victims’ friends and family. This can make the victims feel embarrassed and prevent them from coming forward to report the incident.

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