Abducted Vikarabad Woman Calls Up Police To Deliver This Shocking Message

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RANGAREDDY: The Vikarabad police in Telangana, who were investigating the sensational broad-daylight kidnap of a woman, named Deepika, were in for a big shock as the case received an unexpected twist. Close to six teams of police have been scouring for the missing woman since Saturday, the day she was kidnapped.

And suddenly there came a phone call to the police and the caller was Deepika herself. Even before the cops could sigh in relief, Deepika left them shocked out of their wits when she revealed to them that she is with her estranged husband Akhil. Interestingly, it was the same person from whom she sought a divorce from a Vikarabad court.

Speaking to the police, she categorically stated that she is safe with Akhil and that she “went with him out of her own volition”.

It didn’t take too long for the investigating cops to realize that their precious time was lost in a love episode that became too filmy and dramatic. The police were clueless as to why she had to be whisked away in a car in full public glare on Saturday if she were to be reunited with her estranged husband. Incidentally, the abduction drama was captured by a CCTV camera installed in the vicinity.

The woman, whose kidnap caused needless commotion, was expected to turn up at the Vikarabad police station accompanied by her husband sooner or later. The news that Deepika is safe has made her family members feel relieved but like the police they too are curious to find out from her as to what made her get reunited with her estranged husband in such a dramatic fashion.

A look at what really happened in the entire case will give you the true story. Akhil tied the nuptial knot with his lady love Deepika at the Arya Samaj in Hyderabad in 2016. The marriage took place against the wishes of Deepika’s family. Their life hit a bumpy road when Deepika’s family members forcibly brought her back home two years later. Also, reportedly under duress from family and relatives, Deepika even applied for divorce from Akhil. She filed a petition to this effect in the Vikarabad court.

The two turned up at the court to attend the hearing on last Saturday. Later in the evening on the same day, when Deepika was returning home after shopping, she was abducted by three unidentified persons and whisked away in a waiting car. The visuals of the shocking incident were captured by a CCTV camera installed in the vicinity.

Based on a complaint from her family members, the Vikarabad police formed six teams to trace her. After three days of nerve-wracking suspense, the episode ended on a rather happy note with Deepika contacting the police and spilling the beans. Still seething in anger and sulking, her parents however accuse Akhil of kidnapping their daughter.

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