14 Years Of Twin Bomb Blasts At Gokul Chat, Lumbini Park

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Today, August 25th marks the 14 years of twin bomb blasts at Gokul Chat and Lumbini Park in Hyderabad that claimed 42 lives and more than 50 people have been severely injured. Two bombs exploded on 25 August 2007 in Hyderabad. The first bomb exploded in Lumbini Amusement Park at 19:45 hrs IST and the second bomb exploded five minutes later at 19:50 hrs in Gokul Chat Bhandar in Koti. In the tragedy, at least 42 people have died.

On August 25, 2007, the Indian Mujahideen had planted improvised explosives devices (IED) at Lumbini park, which went off when the visitors have been witnessing a laser show. Many victims were students from Maharashtra, who had come on an industrial tour to the city. At the same time, another IED exploded at the crowded Gokul Chat Bhandar in Koti. The bomb was hidden in a bag and left on an ice-cream machine. 

The police who arrested the accused filed a charge sheet in court. A special court has been set up in Charlapalli court to hear the case. After examining all the evidence, Anique Syed and Akbar Ismail Choudhary were sentenced to death. Tariq Anjum, who gave shelter to them was sentenced to life imprisonment.

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