We Are Not Slaves To Delhi Bosses: KCR At GHMC Election Campaign In LB Stadium

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Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao on Saturday addressing a huge public gathering at LB Stadium said TRS party is going to win more than 99 seats in the upcoming GHMC elections. He further stated that "This is the time to save, to build and take pride in presenting Hyderabad to the world as we have been doing."
KCR asserted that  Hyderabad belongs to everyone and not for a few. He stated that “I strived hard to achieve Telangana State and have the spirit to develop it in all sectors. We do not encourage divisive politics.”
He urged the people to vote for TRS party and asked people to think about the future of their children. He said that the TRS party works for the development of the state.

KCR added that leaders from other states are coming and are asking for the votes stating that they will solve the problems, but they will not be there when you are facing troubles.  He said that leaders who are responsible for the welfare and the development are in the TRS party, and it will be KTR, Talasani Srinivas Yadav, Padma Rao, and Mahmood Ali
He said that, “We are not slaves to Delhi bosses. Our bosses are the people of Telangana. The needs, livelihood, and welfare of our poor fill our minds and hearts, and we will not be provoked by some silly statements and respond to them. We are a strong party of 60 lakh activists and have won several elections in the Assembly and local bodies."
KCR further added that TRS government had arranged ration and money for the people who have been facing problems during the coronavirus induced lockdown. The chief minister stated that "TRS government had even arranged 200 trains to transport migrants to their native places during the lockdown while the centre only sucked their blood. You should not fall prey to the divisive politics propagated by the opposition and protect Hyderabad from falling into the hands of those who are trying to destroy the city’s harmony.”
KCR stressed that leaders of TRS party and elected representatives reached out to the people who houses have been inundated due to the recent floods in Hyderabad.  He asked the officials to provide Rs 10,000 per household ahead of the festive season. He also said that the opposition parties tried to stop the distribution of financial aid.

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