TRS 50 Questions To BJP Ahead Of GHMC Polls 2020

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Telangana Minister of  MA&UD, Industries and IT&C  and TRS working president KT Rama Rao posed 50 questions to the BJP ahead of the GHMC Elections 2020.

Here are a few important questions posed by KTR:

1 . Isn't your government trying to privatise the Indian railways which is the fourth largest network in the world?

2. Are you not trying to sell the largest insurance company, which is having 40 crore policyholders?

3. Didn’t you promise the youth to provide 2 crores jobs per year?

4.  Didn’t you ruin the life of common people by implementing demonetization and imposing lockdown?

5.  Aren’t you the reason for lakhs of migrant workers going back to their hometown by foot during the lockdown?

6. Didn’t you charge the railways' ticket fare from the helpless migrant workers during the lockdown period?   

7.  Did your Rs 20 lakh crore package after lockdown benefit at least 20 people?

8. Didn’t you fool the people by saying the government will deposit 15 lakhs in JanaDhana accounts.

9.  Aren’t you doing injustice to Telangana by grabbing seven mandals during the bifurcation?

10.Aren't you responsible for taking away the Lower Sileru power project from power deficient Telangana in 2014?

11.  Aren’t you the one who ignored the promises made during the state bifurcation?

12. Aren’t you who stopped the Bayyaram Mines?

13. Did you give National status to Kaleshwaram Project?

14. Did you give funds to Mission Kakatiya and Mission Bhagiratha under Niti Aayog?

15.  Are you not trying to stop the IIM and ISR companies from being allocated to Telangana?

16.  Did you allow the proposal for IIIT  to be built in Karimnagar?

17.   Didn’t you stop the proposal for constructing Tribal University for Tribal students?

18. In the last six years did you release any extra funds to Hyderabad?

19. Aren't you the one who didn't sanction even a single paisa for flood relief despite writing a letter?

20. Aren't you the one who took over the National Institute of Design in Hyderabad?

21. Aren't you the one who is Privatising companies like BHEL and  MIDHANI?

22. Skyways are required to meet traffic congestion aren't you the one who occupied the containment roads?

23. Is it not your fault that you doubled the fuel prices even when the crude rate was decreased?

24. Didn’t you open the doors for privatising agriculture and throw the National Food Security into danger?

 25. Are you giving the pending GST amounts to the state?

26.  When we ask the tax share you called us hypocrites then why did your party align with such hypocrites?

27. Aren’t you the one who stopped lakhs of clients and employees in the banking sector?

28. Aren’t you getting ready to fix meters for agricultural borewells through the new Electricity Act?

29.  Aren’t you imposing restrictions on additional MSP for fine rice cultivated by Telangana farmers?

30.  Didn’t you evade a special grant as recommended by the 15th Finance Commission to compensate for Rs 735 crore loss due to tax devolution?

31. Isn’t your government responsible for bringing down the GDP growth to less than that of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka?

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