KCR Has Made Telangana A Laughing Stock, Says Bandi Sanjay

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HYDERABAD: BJP’s (Bharatiya Janata Party) Telangana state Chief Bandi Sanjay Kumar spoke about the Telangana ruling party and took a dig at Chief Minister KCR. Sanjay said that in K. Chandrashekar Rao’s rule, Telangana has become nothing but a ‘laughing stock.’

Sanjay shared that KCR never comes to work; he is always away from the Secretariat and has no interest in the state's administration.  These remarks were made by Sanjay on Sunday during a BJP executive meeting in Hyderabad.

He further added that what Chief Minister Rao is doing is completely opposite to what people had in mind. It is like crushing the aspirations of Telangana people. The state which was formed with dreams is running completely on debts now.

KCR claims to have created job opportunities for more than 3 lakh people but if that is the case, why can’t it be seen. The reality is completely different when compared to KCR’s claims, said Sanjay.

When his people needed their CM, he left to relax in his farmhouse. Sanjay said that during the time of coronavirus, CM could have done things differently. He could’ve addressed the state and given hope to the people.  But he did nothing of such sort.

Moreover after the GHMC elections, CM Rao is in hiding and does not want to show his face.

“Why is KCR trying to create differences among different castes?” asked Sanjay. If you refer Muslims as backward castes, is it like cheating the OBC? All this will only end up in OBC losing their rightful reservation quotas.

In the future BJP will definitely come to power and then we will show KCR and his TRS party how to run a government, added Sanjay. Telangana people are yearning for a change and the recently held GHMC elections are a proof of it. BJP will bring this change to them.

“Intellectuals across the country are supporting Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Under Modi’s leadership, the Bharatiya Janata Party will continue to win more elections and get support from the people,” said Sanjay.

Few days ago, Sanjay even said that KCR has lost his mental balance. In a public meeting organised by BJP at Bodhan, Nizamabad, Bandi Sanjay said that KCR has a mental disorder.

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