KCR Cares For Welfare Of People In Telangana: KTR at GHMC Elections Campaign

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Addressing large gatherings at roadshows in LB Nagar, TRS Working President KTR vehemently attacked the BJP party for their false claims. 

Rubbishing Union Minister Amit Shah’s claims of giving Telangana one lakh crore, Working President KTR stated that since 2014, Telangana’s contribution to the Centre in the form of taxes was ₹2,72,926 Crore. Whereas the Centre has released Telangana just ₹1,40,329 Crore. Telangana has given money to the Centre and not vice versa, he said. Roads of Gujarat, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh were being laid with the tax paid by Telangana people, said KTR. 

TRS working president stated that CM KCR had written a letter to the Prime Minister for assistance from the center to the tune of Rs 1350 Crore. “Weeks are passing, but we still haven't received a response from the Centre on this,” KTR said. 

However, the Prime Minister responded to Karnataka Chief Minister within four days when they asked for financial assistance. In 2017, the Prime Minister did an aerial survey of Gujarat during floods and released financial assistance immediately, he pointed out.

“A financial assistance of Rs 10,000 was given to 6.5 lakh families who were affected by the heavy rains. All of this assistance was provided even before rains subsided. Without seeing one's political and social background, we have assisted,” said KTR. 

KTR stated that CM KCR always thinks for the welfare of the poor. In the manifesto that was released today, CM KCR has promised there will be no tap water bill if the monthly consumption of water is below 20,000 liters. 

He also said that earlier it used to take 20 minutes time at LB Nagar cross roads while going to Vijayawada, now the situation is different with new flyovers and underpasses.

KTR said that it was the TRS leaders who stood by the people during the COVID and Hyderabad floods while the BJP and Congress leaders were busy in Dubakka asking for votes.

He stated that the BJP leaders were encouraging triple driving and giving false assurances that GHMC will pay the challans. 

KTR appealed to the people to support the TRS party and vote for their corporators in the upcoming GHMC elections.

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