Hyderabad Police Special Teams To Check Hawala Operators Ahead Of GHMC Polls 2020

 - Sakshi Post

The Hyderabad City police have formed a special team to keep an eye on hawala operators to prevent the flow of black money to influence voters in the upcoming GHMC elections. Over the last three days, the city police have caught five persons and seized cash of around Rs.60 lakh from them at different places.

Hyderabad Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar has instructed his teams to do surprise checks across the town and seize cash. The Hyderabad Commissioner’s Task Force also will keep a watch on hawala channel operators while teams of the Special Branch will gather information too.
The senior officials have instructed the local police and field level officials to videograph the cash seizures and issue receipts wherever necessary to avoid allegations and complaints of misappropriation of money.

The police said people, who are carrying cash along with them should also carry necessary supporting papers.

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