Huzurabad Bypolls Date Set: Likely in October Last Week

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Huzurabad Bypolls Date Set: The people of Telugu states are reported to be very interested in the Huzurabad by-election. A similar argument has been going on for the past few days.

The Election Commission is expected to publish a notification on this by-election soon. However, in the aftermath of Covid, the Central Electoral Commission has written to several political parties requesting their input on how general and by-elections should be conducted. The views must be sent by August 30th.

During the corona a few months ago, there were some concerns about how elections were conducted in various areas. The Madras High Court, on the other hand, had already reprimanded the Election Commission for its handling of the polls in the aftermath of the covid first and second waves. Officials from the Electoral Commission are likely to follow the recommendations of political parties in this respect.

Along with Huzurabad, the by-election in Andhra Pradesh's Badvel constituency is likely to be postponed. However, in light of the recent decision, it is obvious that no notices about by-elections or general elections will be made until August 30. In this environment, there is a heated debate about when many states' by-elections, notably the Huzurabad and Badvel by-elections will be held. By-elections are expected to be held in the final week of October, according to certain political analysts. They also raise some valid points.

Many analysts predict that in August, the Corona Thirdwave will erupt in India. However, by September, it is anticipated to fall. After that, it's rumoured that a simple by-election notice will be published. Political parties, on the other hand, have until August 30 to submit their positions to the Election Commission. However, political analysts predict that the EC's assessment of the by-elections will take some time.

Normally, there should be a 45-day interval between election notification and polling day. The by-election notification is expected to be published in the second week of September, according to political analysts. On the other hand, Badvel MLA Venkata Subbayya died on March 28 this year. An MP or MLA must be elected within six months of a vacancy, in most cases. The election is set to take place on September 28th, according to this. By-election notices will be issued within six months of Badvel's vacancy if the notification is issued in September.

The BJP has been silent.

The by-election in Huzurabad is expected to be dominated by the BJP and the TRS. TRS leaders, ministers, and MLAs, on the other hand, have already begun campaigning in Huzurabad. Meetings with activists are being expedited. Ministers are also setting the groundwork for different development projects. BJP officials claim that the rush isn't substantial since the TRS ranks are operating so vigorously. Itala Rajender is campaigning in the constituency with his wife.

BJP leaders, on the other hand, are ignoring Huzurabad. It is suggested, however, that there is a compelling explanation for this. According to BJP officials, by-elections would not be held at this time. As a result, it appears that they are not paying much attention to Huzurabad. By the time the by-election notice arrives, it's expected that they'll be heavily campaigning.

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