How Dare KCR Brands Distressed Women Dogs! Vijayashanti Over Haliya Comments

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‘Are distressed women dogs?’ KCR has to apologize: Vijayashanti

Vijayashanti incensed over KCR comments on women in Haliya meet.

Ramulamma actress and BJP leader Vijayashanti strongly condemned the notion that women are dogs.

She made series of posts on the Facebook platform expressing her displeasure.

Hyderabad: Vijayashanti severely misquoted the speech of CM KCR in Haliya. KCR in particular was incensed at his remarks aimed at several protesting women.

BJP leader Vijayashanti was once again angry with Chief Minister KCR. She severely misjudged the speech of CM KCR in Haliya of Nalgonda district on Wednesday. Vijayashanti was incensed at the remarks made by CM KCR, especially to several protesting women. To this end, she made a series of posts on Facebook.

"The chief minister has once again started his election speeches. After the GHMC elections as meeting the people is now once again important, in view of the MLC, Nagarjunasagar elections. If you keep your word, you will be able to ask for votes. If you can't keep your word, your word will not matter. If all that is true, then TRS should not be asking for votes already. Sitting on a high chair KCR himself said there will be development on a big level just like Warangal Zilla people, all of Telangana knows, how much work has been done. Once again no one else will fall for those words now. The people present in the meeting of Haliya are not ready to be deceived again and seeing the CM's unresponsiveness on this matter now it makes sense, “Vijayashanti told the people gathered at the Haliya Meeting.

"Due to losses, frustrations are seemed to be running high. Saying people of Telangana are dogs, is not right. And turning away those who come to you in anguish to get their problems solved is not right. And if the CM himself is going to do such hooliganism and acts as a two-faced person who has a lot of arrogance then people are left with no choice but they only have to take responsibility through their votes. Are distressed women dogs? The Chief Minister should apologize to the entire women's community for making such statements about protesting women being equal to dogs,'' Vijayashanti severely criticized the CM.

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