Given A Chance, BJP Will Sell Charminar And Golconda Too: KTR

 - Sakshi Post

TRS Working president and Municipal Administration KT Rama Rao (KTR) blamed the BJP government for bad policies. Speaking to media at Telangana Bhavan in the run up to the GHMC polls, KTR said that the centre had abandoning its ‘Made in India’ initiative and switched to ‘Sale of India’. He was referring to disinvestment in profit-making public sector undertakings (PSUs).

“Under the BJP leadership, the economy has ruined and deprived lakhs of people of their livelihood. They are working to help their Gujarati friends and came up with a new slogan ‘Becho India’. KTR appealed to the people to adopt ‘Socho India’(think India) as if to counter the BJP slogan. He pointed out that the GDP growth rate fell for the eighth time due to coronavirus. Neighbouring countries like Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have more GDP growth than India. "The Centre is hiding its failures showing pandemic as a reason,” said KTR. He accused the Centre of imposing lockdown sans planning. The government was ready to privatise Indian railways, Life Insurance Corporation of India and Air India. “If BJP is given a chance, they will sell Charminar and  Golconda,” he said. The only thing they were doing was creating a rift between people on religious basis. Union minister Prakash Javadekar who released the chargesheet that TRS government aligned with AIMIM. KTR countered the allegation, saying “We never aligned with MIM”, and he released 50 questions to the BJP.

KTR said, whenever the state demands its rightful share in taxes, the BJP leaders term the party as separatists. The main rival for the TRS party in the GHMC elections was not MIM and BJP. The TRS party will emerge as the single largest party with the highest number of seats. KTR released a list of 50 questions to the BJP seeking answers for its failure. He pointed out that the BJP government failed to keep their promises including those made in Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act. “Not a single rupee was given to Hyderabad’s development in the last six years,” he concluded

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